In Studio Production Talent / aka LY3 Studio Rats

LY3 Creative is a house music label, dedicated to creating high quality vocals, and remixes for the house music community. Integrity and authenticity are our main label concern.

Lewis in studio

Lewis Martinee

If you can actually catch him in town ( Miami) You are in lucky!!Lewis is aways on the go! A world Wide ledgend – Multi platinum selling songwriter and producer/ Bill Board and BMI Songwriter of the year/ DJ

Zen Records - Jamie Vee

Owner Operator of Zene Records UK/Making the music Magic happen in music production/development- Vocalist/songwriter. Sound design, music and voice for film,TV and advertising, Mixing & Mastering services - And often a partner in crime with LY3 Creative in the USA.

Peter Tanico

Peter Tanico aka E39 Productios

producer / remixer/ vocal and musical talent developer/ Event coordinator..

Kevin Rivera

aka BPM-KEV is a Classically trained pianist, songwriter, producer and audio engineer. Born and raised in East Harlem, NYC. He provides many rising stars, along with LY3 Creative, a space to write, track vocals, or get a record mixed with precision at affordable rates.

Erik Talbert

Erik Talbert

Erik Talbert AKA Trey Max/ AlterNations / Harlem Sunshine- NYC based Musician, Composer, Producer, Curator, Sound Designer